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29 Sep 2020

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RFDS aircraft prepares for take off in outback Australia

RFDS Celebrates 90 Years

15 May 2018

The Royal Flying Doctor Service today celebrates 90 years of savings lives.

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jack's wrecked car

A mother's worst nightmare

12 May 2018

What started out like a normal day for mother of four Susan Thorne, would later be one she remembers as “the worst day of our lives”.

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Young boy lies in hospital bed

Teamwork saves boy in Cooper Basin

11 May 2018

What his mother didn’t realise was that Jackson had suffered critical internal injuries.

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A man in business suit and tie under a sign that reads Royal Flying Doctor Service. The man is wearing glasses and smiling.

John Lynch to retire as CEO of RFDS Central Operations

09 May 2018

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Central Operations Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Lynch and the Board have agreed upon his retirement from his role in December 2018.

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3,000 more doctors and 3,000 more nurses to deliver rural health

08 May 2018

Budget announcements providing up to 3,000 more doctors and 3,000 more nurses to rural and remote Australia will lead to improved health service access for country Australians.

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Flying doctor 'heroes' gave Stewart a second chance at life

08 May 2018

Back in April 1981, young jackaroo Stewart Aiken and a mate from the same property were out riding motorbikes. They were about 50 kilometers from home in Western NSW and racing each other back to the property.

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Remote life can be heartbreaking

08 May 2018

In 2014-15 4.2 million adults making up 22 per cent of the population, were diagnosed with the disease. Sadly, these numbers get even worse in our rural and remote communities.

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Face-saving surgery after horse kick

08 May 2018

Late last year Natasha Schweikert and her mum were feeding their horses in a paddock at Broken Hill when disaster struck.“One of the horses got excited, took off and kicked Natasha in the face,” recalls Collette, Schweikert, Natasha’s mother. “I didn’t actually see it."

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