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As a not-for-profit aeromedical organisation, we rely on your help and generosity to keep the Flying Doctor flying.

Graphic: Aircraft flying into sunset

Graphic: Flight Nurse prepares inflight infusion

Where your money goes

We need a wide range of the latest medical equipment to continue providing the best aeromedical service in the world. 

Your donation purchases vital, but expensive, equipment including:

  • Foetal heart monitors
  • Ventilators
  • Defibrillators to re-start a failed heart

    Graphic: Take off into sunset

    Your donation buys aircraft to keep us flying. 

    Our aircraft are among the safest in the world and fly more than 7 million kilometres in their lifetime! 

    But after 20 years of hard work, they need to be replaced. Our fleet include aircraft used in air ambulance services.

    Graphic: Loading a patient onto back of truck

    Your donation funds essential health services:

    • Preventative Health Programs in remote communities
    • Better access to specialist health professionals for extremely remote locations
    • Improved access to health information and resources for patients and health professionals
    • The delivery of culturally appropriate health services

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