Student placements

Flight nurses preparing for action

The RFDS offers a highly successful student placement program that covers a variety of occupations and locations. They are unique opportunities for students to work alongside, and learn, from highly trained and experienced professionals in their chosen field.

During the placement, every effort is made to provide the student with valuable experiences and insights that will help develop and refine their skills and broaden their knowledge. Depending on their interests and education, students are able to specialise in various areas, e.g. remote primary health care and Indigenous health. In turn, the RFDS expects students to be enthusiastic, committed, keen to learn, and interested in developing their career with the RFDS.


The RFDS highly regards the mutual benefits associated with student placements and appreciates the value of such opportunities for recruitment and shaping our future workforce.

The aim of the student placement is to prepare students for their entry into the workforce. Participating in one of our student placement programs is a great way to learn more about the practical aspects of your degree and to discover the benefits of working for one of Australia's most respected not for profit organisations - the RFDS is the leading provider of aero-medical services in Australia.

The availability of medical and nursing student placement varies from base to base and state to state. As student placements (where offered) are limited and often in high demand, a waiting list may exist and preference is often given to students from universities with existing placement programs with the RFDS. 

Get in touch with the local RFDS team to find out more. 

For further information contact the People & Culture team in your local State/Territory: