Provide a Gift in Your Will

Create a legacy to be remembered beyond your lifetime. Leave a gift in your Will to help the Flying Doctor continue to save lives.

Leaving a gift in your Will won't affect your lifestyle today, but it will help others receive the very best health care in the future.

There's no more generous contribution you can make to others and your community than to leave a gift in your Will.


"I would strongly encourage those considering leaving a bequest to the RFDS to do so. I have because I want to help the life-saving work of the RFDS continue into the future. For those who live or travel in remote and isolated areas, access to first class health care can make a world of difference to them and their families." 

– Belinda Rogerson, bequestor and long time supporter.

You don't have to be wealthy to leave a gift – all bequests to the RFDS, regardless of size, help save lives.

But making your Will is a very personal decision. It is also a legal one. So we recommend you seek advice from a solicitor to ensure the wording is correct, so your Will reflects your exact wishes.

Below you'll find some useful advice on how to word your Will and the types of gifts you can make here as well as the details of who to contact if you need more information or assistance.

Thank you for considering remembering the Flying Doctor in your Will – with the support of people like you we will continue to save lives.

Who to address your bequest to

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is made up of seven legal entities operating around Australia and under a federated structure. Each of the entities are independent, both financially and operationally, with their own Board and management.The entities are:


Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section)

ABN 80 009 663 478
12 Casuarina Street, Brisbane Airport, QLD 4008
Phone: (07)38601100
Contact: Heather Stott


Royal Flying Doctor Service (Central Operations)

ABN 81 108 409 735
1 Tower Road, Adelaide Airport, SA 5950
Phone: (08) 8238 3323
Fax: (08) 8238 3395
Contact: Ross Curtis

South Eastern

Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section)

ABN 86 000 032 422
GPO Box 3537, Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: (02) 9941 8888 or 1300 669 569
Contact: Supporter Relations Team


Royal Flying Doctor Service (Victoria)

ABN 71 004 196 230,
Level 1, 345 Bridge Road Richmond VIC 3121
Phone (03) 8412 0431,
Contact:Naomi Lehrer

Western Operations

Royal Flying Doctor Service (Western Operations)

ABN 29 067 077 696
3 Eagle Drive Jandakot Airport, Jandakot, WA 6164
Phone: (08) 9417 6400


Royal Flying Doctor Service (Tasmania)

ABN 93 785 910 050
Building 90, Launceston Airport, 305 Evandale Road, Western Junction, TAS 7212
Phone: (03) 6391 0500

Federation Office

Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

If you would prefer for your bequest to be used nationwide, then address it to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, Level 2, 10-12 Brisbane Ave Barton ACT 2600, (02) 6269 5500, ABN 74 438 059 643, Contact: Melissa Perkins on

All bequests to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia are distributed evenly to every RFDS Section across the country, with no donated funds retained by the Canberra Office.

"I was one who always thought; It won't happen to me."

"I did ask family to donate to the Flying Doctor instead of buying me get well gifts, however I also wanted to leave a gift. A thank you for their dedication. I had never met these people before my accident, and yet they saved my life."

Read "I was one who always thought; It won't happen to me."

Suggested Wording

We recommend you seek advice from a solicitor to ensure that the wording of your Will reflects your exact wishes. It is important to remember to review your Will regularly, particularly when life circumstances change. 

There are several ways of leaving a bequest, dependent on what is best for you and your family. Below is some suggested wording to accommodate most bequest provisions in your Will.

Graphic: RFDS life saving equipment

Where your legacy goes

Funding is always needed to purchase vital medical equipment, keep the doctor flying and provide essential health services.

By leaving a bequest, you enable aircraft to be equipped and maintained during its 20 years of service, then upgraded as and when required, as well as support our many services.You will help save lives.

A lasting legacy

I am hoping that the bequest that I am leaving the Flying Doctor will continue to help in some small way

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