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Well after a short break Series 7 of the Flying Doctor podcast has launched.

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Graphic: Episode 63

Family holiday plans changed quickly when 7-year-old Mia stumbled by the campfire...

17 Mar 2023

Kayla and Mia tell the story of a road trip where things took an unexpected turn when 7-year-old Mia, who had been warming herself by the fire and waiting for mum to cook dinner, stumbled and to prevent herself falling into the fire, she put her hand into a pot that was sitting on top of the coals.

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Graphic: Jacinta Jones

What is the life of a flight nurse actually like?

17 Apr 2023

Jacinta Jones has been a flight nurse with RFDS Queensland for 17 years and there is little she has not done or experienced. In this episode we get to walk in Jacinta's shoes and learn about the inner workings and 'behind the scenes' of an RFDS flight nurse.

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