Patient transfers

Whether it is transporting patients from hospital to hospital, by air or by road, the RFDS plays a vital role in inter-hospital transfers of patients in less urgent cases in many parts of Australia. This particularly includes transferring patients from small hospitals in rural and remote areas to larger hospitals in regional centres or metropolitan areas where more specialist services are available. The RFDS non-emergency patient transport service is a vital part of the Flying Doctor today. 

In 2017/18 the RFDS transported 38,064 patients by air and 75,311 patients by road.

Picture of RFDS vehicle and plane

Mobile Patient Care

RFDS Victoria provides non-emergency patient transport service, known as Mobile Patient Care. This service is a quality, efficient and caring patient transport services for people who need to travel to hospital or to specialist care. We provide these services from our 13 bases located throughout Victoria and is supported by our aircraft at Essendon Airport.

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Patient Transfer Service in NSW/ACT

Our team provides a dedicated non-emergency patient transfer service for regional and rural patients, operated from Victoria.

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Mobile Patient Care TAS

Mobile Patient Care TAS

RFDS Tasmania provides non-emergency patient transport, known as Mobile Patient Care from our base located at Launceston Airport. The service is also supported by our aircraft at Essendon Airport for interstate non-emergency patient transport, providing seamless transition from bed-to-bed across the Bass Strait whilst maintaining continuity of patient care.

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Inter-hospital Transfers

RFDS Central Operations conducts over 20 aeromedical transfers every day of patients from a country hospital to a major metropolitan hospital for life-saving treatment or specialist medical treatment.

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