Emergency Aeromedical Retrieval

The RFDS provides emergency evacuations throughout rural and remote Australia for people who are seriously ill or injured and require urgent medical attention. 

We provide quality medical treatment on the ground, and use a dedicated aircraft when we need to transport patients to an appropriate hospital for any further treatment.


In 2017/18, 38,052 Australians were flown by our expert medical, nursing and aviator teams. 

With the responsibility of providing medical emergency and primary health care services to Australia’s remote and very remote areas, the Royal Flying Doctor Service has established flight paths that reach across the continent.

Aeromedical footprint

Graphic: Plane flying over water

Delivering 24-hour emergency aeromedical care and fly-in primary health care services across remote Australia remains at over 90 years since the first flight.

This essential emergency service provides assurance to people living, working and travelling in rural and remote Australia, where there are often few other health services available.


Learn more about our planes and the remote rescues that are a fundamental part of the RFDS for the last 90 years.

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