Facts & Figures

Highlights of the last year

The Flying Doctor is helping someone every 2 minutes of every day

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‚ÄčTotal patient contacts were made through RFDS clinics, aeromedical transports and telehealth consultations

telehealth consultations


Patients in rural and remote areas used our telehealth services

nurse clinic


Nurse, GP and Dental clinics were conducted across Australia

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Our fleet of 71 aircraft flew 26,863,558 kilometres just last year

That's the equivalent of 34 trips to the moon and back, or more than 600 flights around the Earth.

Our Fleet

Graphic: moon

  • We have 23 air bases
  • Hold 44 Clinics every day
  • Have 2,338 Medical Chests 
Our Bases
bases and clinics

Australia is big - spanning 7.7 million square kilometres. 

One third of Australia's population lives in rural and remote Australia making a healthcare and emergency service vital for those that live, work and travel in the outback. 

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