Trusted Health Advice

Health Questions & Advice

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is an information partner of Healthdirect Australia, a national, government-owned, not-for-profit organisation that provides virtual health services. As a complement to RFDS face-to-face and telehealth services, Healthdirect can be accessed by phone, website, and app, and is a superb 24/7 resource for anyone that is seeking trusted health information.

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Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

As a complement to RFDS face-to-face and telehealth services, the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby website and helpline, managed by Healthdirect Australia provides non-judgemental advice and information for new and expectant parents, as well as carers,

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Pain Management

Strong pain medicines are a necessary part of life for many people, but prescription pain medicines, including a group known as opioids, come both with risks and side effects and should be taken with care. If you are looking for information on pain management, we recommend the opioid medicines and pain management hub, managed by Healthdirect Australia.

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COVID-19 Restriction Checker

Healthdirect Australia has provided free approved health advice and has delivered information to Australians on COVID-19 since the beginning. Get the latest updates in your state or territory for schools, gatherings, cafes and restaurants, sports, weddings, and travel using the new Covid - 19 Restriction Checker.

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Medical Advice

Those that live within the RFDS service footprint in rural and remote Australia can call their local RFDS for 24 medical assistance/advice at any time.  You can find those contact details, by state, on our Contact Page.

Regardless of where you live, if you would like to speak to a medical professional, you can contact the healthdirect helpline and they will assist you with trusted advice and information.