RFDS Engineer Doug Briggs

How a flying school bus started it all for RFDS Engineer Doug Briggs

26 Jul 2024

Veteran aircraft engineer Doug Briggs is celebrating 25 years of service for the Flying Doctor, 19 of which have been in Alice Springs.

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RFDS Dental services in Lightening Ridge NSW

Australian Government shores up RFDS Primary Healthcare and Dental Services for Rural and Remote Aus

15 May 2024

The Royal Flying Doctor Service welcomes the Australian Government’s Budget announcement of an additional $71.3 million over 3 years to support the delivery of essential health services to rural and remote Australians

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FDD 24 banner

Flying Doctor Day 2024

14 May 2024

On 15 May 2024, the RFDS will celebrate Flying Doctor Day and 96 years of proudly providing emergency aeromedical and essential health care services to the Australian community.

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james brougham and his girls

#90 A single dad, a sailboat, two girls and a wheel barrow

10 May 2024

For two years, single dad James and his daughters Halle and Isla sailed along WA's coast on 'Salty Jocks', embracing remote schooling and fishing. In an inspiring move, James pushed his daughters 500km in a wheelbarrow to support RFDS's Oceans to Outback fundraiser.

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RFDS Helicopter from the back

RFDS Fortescue Heli-Med Service EC145 helicopter two year anniversary

09 May 2024

Today marks two years since the RFDS Fortescue Heli-Med Service EC145 helicopters joined the Royal Flying Doctor Service WA fleet.

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Leanne and her husband Darren at the beach

Leanne's Story

09 May 2024

Leanne and her husband Darren were taking their new campervan back home to Exmouth when a medical emergency almost cost Leanne her life.

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Fred about 4 weeks before his diagnosis

#89 Tired, toilet, thirsty, thinner - Emma's young son ticked all the boxes for Type 1 diabetes.

03 May 2024

When Emma Turner first discovered her seven-year-old son, Fred, had Type 1 diabetes, they were living in the middle of nowhere. But after Fred's symptoms suddenly became life-threatening, Emma found herself sitting next to the pilot in the cockpit of an RFDS plane, with her gravely ill son on board

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Australian-first virtual emergency centre to help save lives in the outback

Australian-first virtual emergency centre to help save lives in the outback

01 May 2024

The Royal Flying Doctor Service has opened its state-of-the-art health hub in the South Australian outback tourism town of William Creek that provides 24/7 emergency medical help with no health professionals physically on the ground.

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Ella with her baby on the RFDS Flight

#88 Ella was 35 weeks pregnant & driving an outback truck when her waters broke!

25 Apr 2024

Ella and Dave, transport company owners, embarked on a final trip from Perth to Kimberley before their baby's arrival. Unexpectedly, at 35 weeks pregnant, Ella's waters broke in the remote outback, far from medical help. They faced an urgent journey to reach the nearest hospital

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Leia at Fortescue HQ

Leia's Story

22 Apr 2024

As a fly-in fly-out HR professional for 15 years, Leia Piccoli had witnessed many mining colleagues require an RFDS retrieval in a medical emergency. She had never expected to need the service herself.

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Gayle Shann

#87 How did Gayle lose the use of both arms in a farm-accident?

19 Apr 2024

After Gayle's life-changing accident on a remote cattle station in Queensland, they have had to adapt to a new life, despite one arm being amputated and the other being paralysed

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Parker smiling with his Mum and Dad

Parker's Story

16 Apr 2024

Last year the Galloway family were holidaying in Esperance when they were faced with every parent’s worst nightmare.

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Barry with his neck brace

#86 Barry was hanging upside down from his seat belt and the ute was on its roof

11 Apr 2024

Barry was travelling with some work colleagues on his way back to Mount Isa from a remote mine site when the driver lost control of the ute, it flipped and Barry was left hanging from his seat belt. When he released his belt he fell directly on his head, instantly felt pain and saw stars.

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Augie in Hospital

#85 How do you manage a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in remote Australia?

05 Apr 2024

Danielle and Boyd Keenan live with their two young daughters, August (Augie), 11, and Willa, 9, in Broken Hills, NSW. When Augie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes the remote city they love was a long way away from diabetes treatment.

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Jane Oakley- Lohm with her daughter

#84 How did the remote SA township of Marla come to be?

29 Mar 2024

Jane Oakley-Lohm is a central figure in the story of Marla, a remote township in South Australia that sprung up from a roadhouse created in the 1980's.

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Best for the Bush Rural and Remote Health Baseline 2023

Primary care access vital for better health outcomes in remote Australia

27 Mar 2024

The second annual Royal Flying Doctor Service ‘Best for the Bush, Rural and remote Health Base Line’ report was released today.

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