The RFDS in WA


Graphic: Leia at Fortescue HQ

Leia's Story

22 Apr 2024

As a fly-in fly-out HR professional for 15 years, Leia Piccoli had witnessed many mining colleagues require an RFDS retrieval in a medical emergency. She had never expected to need the service herself.

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Parker smiling with his Mum and Dad

Parker's Story

16 Apr 2024

Last year the Galloway family were holidaying in Esperance when they were faced with every parent’s worst nightmare.

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Lee standing in front of his truck.

Saturday night snakebite

25 Mar 2024

For long-haul truck driver Lee, Saturday nights are usually spent behind the wheel on lonely stretches of highway, but one such night in March took a turn, when he had to be flown from to Perth by the Flying Doctor.

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Ella holding baby Lucas in front of prime mover truck.

Ella's outback dash

21 Mar 2024

Ella Reindler is one of very few pregnant women who can say they drove themself to hospital behind the wheel of a prime mover.

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Paul with colleagues at the awards night.

Clinical Leader of the Year

19 Mar 2024

RFDS WA Head of Nursing Paul Ingram has been named Clinical Leader of the Year at the WA Rural Health Awards.

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Nurse Lisa smiling at a baby in the clinic.

The Flying Nurse

19 Mar 2024

Lisa Killian is an RFDS Primary Health Care Nurse based in Broome. She has lived in the Kimberley and central Australia for the past 14 years, working in a variety of nursing roles.

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Dan smiling with a PC-12 in the background.

Meet Dan Byles

14 Mar 2024

Dan Byles has been the Organisational Resilience Lead for the RFDS WA since 2021.

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Dr Jig smiling in front of a PC-12.

Trains, planes and the RFDS

12 Mar 2024

Doctor Jig is accustomed to working inside the tight space of an RFDS aircraft, but one retrieval saw him treating an unwell passenger within the confines of the iconic Indian Pacific train.

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Bella smiling next to a horse

Road to recovery - Bella's story

08 Mar 2024

Bella Howe’s life changed on a wild winter’s day in July 2022. She was a spectator at a dirt bike race in the Wheatbelt town of Brookton when a rider lost control on a jump.

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