Graphic: RFDS patient Robert Crilly

When ritual meets rescue: Robert's story

27 May 2023

During a cultural ceremony in outback South Australia, Robert was struck by a sudden illness, sparking deep concern among family and friends. In need of urgent medical help, he was hundreds of kilometres from the nearest major hospital.

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Emma Jackson

Emma's son was sleeping when a snake attempted to eat him

24 Apr 2023

Living in far north Queensland is not for the faint of heart. Emma Jackson lives on Wolverton Station on Cape York Peninsula and in this podcast, she talks about what occurred when a guest had a 'widow-maker' heart attack and how her life was saved.

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Jacinta Jones

What is the life of a flight nurse actually like?

17 Apr 2023

Jacinta Jones has been a flight nurse with RFDS Queensland for 17 years and there is little she has not done or experienced. In this episode we get to walk in Jacinta's shoes and learn about the inner workings and 'behind the scenes' of an RFDS flight nurse.

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Frank with his daughter

Greg and his helicopter were a crumpled mess at the bottom of the gorge

06 Apr 2023

Greg Keynes was mustering cattle by helicopter in a remote part of Western Australia when he experienced engine failure and shortly after found himself in a crumpled mess at the bottom of a gorge. He had a near-death experience but was luckily found and rescued from his perilous circumstance.

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nqphn telehealth

RFDS to extend telehealth services to Cairns, Townsville, and Mackay

05 Apr 2023

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RFDS WA FMG Heli on FSH Heli pad

RFDS WA Celebrates 100 Heli-Med Retrievals

30 Mar 2023

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Doctors Day

Doctors' Day

29 Mar 2023

To mark Doctors' Day, we reached out to three of the RFDS team to ask them what their job means to them. Here’s what they said.

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Leanne Liddle with family

Plane on the highway, dress, shopping, and passing on words of wisdom

29 Mar 2023

Leanne Liddle is an Arrernte woman born and raised in Alice Springs, who tells of growing up in a racist environment, her work as the first Aboriginal policewoman in South Australia, her many touch points with the Flying Doctor and her current work as one of our RFDS Board members in South Australia

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RFDS Victoria purchases health clinic in Robinvale

RFDS Victoria purchases health clinic in Robinvale

28 Mar 2023

After extensive consultation, RFDS Victoria has officially acquired the Robinvale District Medical Centre (RDMC).

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Viva Energy Partnership Launch

Viva Energy keeping the Flying Doctor in the air and on the ground

24 Mar 2023

Royal Flying Doctor Service and Viva Energy announced an exciting new fuel supply partnership, bringing together two iconic Australian organisations with a long history of helping people get safely to their destinations.

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Melbourne Chamber of Commerce tours the Flying Doctor’s hangar

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce tours the Flying Doctor’s hangar

24 Mar 2023

The latest Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Best Practice tour saw members go behind the scenes of the Flying Doctor’s aeromedical operations at Essendon Fields.

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Jon Readhead - latest episode

Jon Readhead, Jigalong and the Flying Doctor

22 Mar 2023

Jon is approaching his 80th birthday and has had a varied career. This podcast talks about Jon’s work at Jigalong, a remote Aboriginal community in Western Australia in the 1970s, and his experiences with The Flying Doctor.

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picture of Andamooka

Heat and dehydration has stopped Richard's heart 8 times...

19 Mar 2023

Opal miner, Richard Hawkins, lives in one of the harshest environments on the planet - Andamooka in remote South Australia. Though he knows well the protocols to prevent deadly dehydration in the extreme desert heat, Richard has learnt some lessons in recent years...

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Episode 63

Family holiday plans changed quickly when 7-year-old Mia stumbled by the campfire...

17 Mar 2023

Kayla and Mia tell the story of a road trip where things took an unexpected turn when 7-year-old Mia, who had been warming herself by the fire and waiting for mum to cook dinner, stumbled and to prevent herself falling into the fire, she put her hand into a pot that was sitting on top of the coals.

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RFDS committed to closing the gap

Close the Gap Day 2023

16 Mar 2023

National Close the Gap Day is a day of action for Indigenous health equality that aims to close the health and life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians within a generation.

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Community Transport in Foster

First Flying Doctor Community Transport site in Gippsland announced

09 Mar 2023

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RDFS) Victoria is delighted to announce a new partnership with South Gippsland Hospital to expand its Flying Doctor Community Transport service into the community of Foster and surrounds.

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