Graphic: Ella with her baby on the RFDS Flight

#88 Ella was 35 weeks pregnant & driving an outback truck when her waters broke!

25 Apr 2024

Ella and Dave, transport company owners, embarked on a final trip from Perth to Kimberley before their baby's arrival. Unexpectedly, at 35 weeks pregnant, Ella's waters broke in the remote outback, far from medical help. They faced an urgent journey to reach the nearest hospital

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kangaroos on the runway

Safer airstrips in remote areas will help save lives

10 Dec 2015

Airstrips used for medical emergencies in remote parts of Australia will be made safer following the announcement of $11.6 million for runway upgrades.

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RFDS aircraft in the outback

Tasmanian students take to the skies with the Flying Doctor

23 Nov 2015

Three Tasmanian student won exciting and prestigious scholarships to work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in Outback Australia.

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A fall from a horse

17 Nov 2015

I had never met these people before my accident, and yet they saved my life

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​Country kids face twice as many tooth fillings as city cousins

07 Oct 2015

A new research report released by the Royal Flying Doctor Service in September shines a spotlight on oral health for country Australians.

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Federation Board

Hobart hosts 100th meeting of the Flying Doctor National Board

18 Sep 2015

The 100th meeting of the Board of Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) being held in Hobart today will consider action in response to evidence that the main cause of potentially preventable hospital admissions is poor dental care.

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Kaleb's Story

Kaleb's story

10 Sep 2015

Kaleb was just 10 days old when his heart started to fail. He needed emergency heart surgery to survive. But he was stranded with his mother Lori, as their isolated hometown was surrounded by flood waters.

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RFDS committed to improving health outcomes for remote communities

RFDS committed to improving health outcomes for remote communities

01 Sep 2015

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in Tasmania is committed to assisting to improve the health outcomes of remote and rural Tasmanians.

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the famous pudding

Australia's motorcycling legend

04 Aug 2015

The Big Sister self saucing chocolate pudding is considered a sacred relic in Australia's rich motorcycling community.

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Flying Doctor supports improved dental health services

Flying Doctor supports improved dental health services

16 Jul 2015

People living and working in rural and remote areas are disproportionately affected by problems associated with poor oral health largely because they have poorer access to services.

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New RFDS Patient Transfer Facility in Rockhampton

New RFDS Patient Transfer Facility in Rockhampton

17 Apr 2015

​The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) is delighted to announce the official opening of a new purpose-built Patient Transfer Facility at the RFDS Rockhampton base on Friday 17 April 2015.

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RFDS Tasmania releases primary health care study

RFDS releases primary health care study

13 Apr 2015

The State Government’s vision for Tasmania is to 'have the healthiest population in Australia by 2025' is supported by the RFDS. The challenge in achieving this is clearly outlined in the report released by the RFDS today, for remote and rural Tasmania.

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Harold Riley, Terrill Riley-Gibson, Andrew Gibson and Anna Hoogeboom

Long Ride 4 Life supports the Flying Doctor

25 Mar 2015

Four riders, four horses and four dogs completed an epic ride from Queensland to Tasmania to raise money for the Flying Doctor and the Leukaemia Foundation.

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John Kirwan, RFDS Tasmania inaugural Chief Executive Officer

RFDS Tasmania appoints inaugural CEO

07 Jan 2015

The Royal Flying Doctor Service Tasmania announced the appointment of Mr John Kirwan as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer.

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