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Graphic: Broken Hill Mental Health team

Survey Highlights Importance of Understanding in Mental Health

09 Oct 2021

A new research report by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) research team, in collaboration with the Australian Catholic University (ACU), found that a better understanding of mental health leads to better outcomes for individuals and the whole community.

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New Study Pregnancy

New Study on RFDS Pregnancy Patients

18 Jan 2021

New Study reveals one out of every 420 women who gave birth Australia-wide during 2015–2017 received an aeromedical retrieval by the RFDS

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Loading a patient onto RFDS aircraft

Impact of COVID lockdown on aeromedical retrievals

13 Jan 2021

New data released this week by Australian researchers reveals the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown period on aeromedical retrievals in rural and remote regions.

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seeing the doctor

Equitable health access for all Australians

17 Dec 2020

As part of a submission to the Federal Government's Inquiry into Regional Australia, the RFDS has just released a new research paper entitled 'Equitable Patient Access to Primary Healthcare in Australia'.

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Aeromedical Retrieval for Stroke in Australia

02 Jul 2020

RFDS Research shows rural, remote, and Indigenous stroke patients have worse stroke outcomes than urban Australians. This may be due to lack of timely access to expert facilities.

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Mental Health Crises in Rural and Remote Australia

01 Jul 2020

RFDS Research: Direct medical costs associated with air retrievals for people experiencing mental health crisis are substantial. Majority of costs are associated with hospital admission and treatment; however, the indirect (loss of productivity) and intangible (quality of life) costs are far greater

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RFDS Research: COVID-19 activity and surge modelling for rural and remote Australia

21 May 2020

A newly published research paper reviews RFDS COVID-19 patient transport data since February 2020, and includes modelling for anticipated rural and remote hot spots, as part of surge preparation within the national health crisis.

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RFDS Research Unit provides a voice to Rural and Remote Australians

05 May 2020

Did you know the RFDS has a Research Unit that is dedicated to improving health outcomes for people in rural and remote Australia by 'giving them a voice'?

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RFDS Research: Aeromedical retrieval for suspected appendicitis in paediatrics patients

30 Jan 2020

A significant number of paediatric patients are aeromedically retrieved from rural and remote locations with a diagnosis of appendicitis or acute abdominal pain. Future research should consider whether training in abdominal point-of-care ultrasound reduces retrievals.

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