Stroke Report

Graphic: Stroke Report

Improving stroke care in regional and rural Australia

Date published

13 May 2022

The RFDS Research and Policy Unit has just released a health education paper on the impact of stroke on people living in the bush.

RFDS Stroke Health Education Paper

We are very excited about this paper and the role of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in reducing the gap for the people living far from care.

Per RFDS research, approximately 100 Australians are victims of a stroke every day. Combine this with the vast distances of the Australian inland, and stroke is a big problem that both takes lives and also reduces the quality of life for many.

This informative new research paper highlights the key methods of early intervention and detection to help stroke patients in a timely manner. Terence, a train driver, was 58 years old when he experienced his stroke. He was fortunate to receive a CT scan within 4 hours of his stroke. Listen to his survival story here.

Read how the RFDS in collaboration with the Australian Stroke Alliance is solving the problem of stroke for those that live in rural and remote Australia.