RFDS Research Unit provides a voice to Rural and Remote Australians

Date published

05 May 2020
RFDS Aircraft

We are very pleased that the RFDS Research Unit has been recognised by the Medical Journal of Australia to be amongst the top ten percent of downloaded research in 2018-2019.

The RFDS research unit is committed to representing priority issues and to promoting and championing better health outcomes for people in rural and remote Australia.

The Research and Policy Unit was established in mid-2015, and is located in the Federation Office (Canberra). The Unit’s role is to gather evidence about, and recommend solutions to, overcoming barriers to poor health outcomes and limited health service access for patients and communities cared for by RFDS programs.

We are pleased to see greater awareness of this work, meaning greater awareness of the disparities that exist, and ultimately leading to strategies and programs that will lead to better health outcomes for rural and remote communities.