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Graphic: Keep the Doctor Flying

Keep the Flying Doctor Flying

Fundraise on your own, with a group of friends or colleagues, at school or at your work. Whether you are looking to holding a high tea, a footy match with your local club or a sausage sizzle, community fundraising is fun and rewarding.
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Ground Crew

Join our Ground Crew and challenge yourself today. With every step you take and every drop of sweat you shed, you’ll be helping us save lives.
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Graphic: Georgia hospital

When Every Minute Counts

Linda knew something was wrong when her 11-year-old daughter, Georgia didn’t get out of bed that morning. “She was really out of it, more like unconscious than asleep. She was boiling hot, and she was breathing with these rapid, shallow breaths – like she was gasping for air,” Linda recalls.
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Graphic: tessa-cattleyards

Four year old Tessa survives deadly snakebite

Mother of five, Sonia, will never forget the day her four-year-old daughter Tessa got bitten by a king brown snake in their home in Suplejack Downs station, a remote settlement 750km north of Alice Springs.
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Partnership and sponsorship opportunities in 2017

The Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria offers a number of sponsorship and partnership opportunities for corporate partners to become a part of the Flying Doctors.
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A mother’s worst nightmare

What started out like a normal day for mother of four Susan Thorne, would later be one she remembers as “the worst day of our lives”.
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Ready to go for Maddison

Maddison’s rare condition means she needs to be ready to go to hospital at any moment…and we need to be ready to rush her there.
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Speech Therapy for Stella

Flying Doctor Speech Therapy was able to provide life-changing support to five-year-old Stella.
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Baby Kaleb

Saving baby Kaleb

Baby Kaleb was only 10 days old when he became seriously ill in the midst of rising floodwaters in Biloela. His mum, Lori, took him to the local hospital. But Kaleb was so unwell that he needed intensive care – nearly 150km away.
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Sending Samuel to specialist care

It was an idyllic family holiday at the beach for the Burr family – until a horrible accident changed everything.
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