Volunteering with an organisation you are passionate about is a fantastic way to give back and to get involved with your community. 

Volunteer work can also help you build confidence, develop professional networks, find a career path into the social sector and act on your values. 

Here at RFDS Victoria, our valued volunteers have the chance to meet new people, learn new skills and make a very real difference in the lives of people across regional, rural and remote Victoria. 

No matter where our volunteers are located, they are all part of the one community, and are contributing to the legacy of a true Australian icon. 

Additionally, for those starting their career in the health care industry, volunteering with RFDS Victoria is a great way to gain experience as well as a highly regarded reference for your resume.

Current volunteering opportunities

Volunteers perform important roles in many of our services.  

We always do our best to identify new opportunities for volunteers to get involved and support us, however our volunteer places are limited in number and type as we need to ensure that we provide roles that are meaningful, supported and covered by insurance. 

When we have places for volunteers available, we advertise these on our website and elsewhere.  

Please browse our volunteer vacancies below to see if there are any opportunities to match your availability and interests.  

If you don’t see anything that matches your interests, please check back again in the future for new roles.

Community Transport

Community Transport

Volunteer drivers are a vital part of the Flying Doctor Community Transport service. Note that as these programs operate in regional areas, we require volunteers who are located within close proximity to their desired service base.

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Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Flying Doctor Memory Lane is staffed by medically-trained volunteers who give their time and expertise to ensure clients are transported safely and securely.

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Community Education and Events

Community Events

The Flying doctor Speakers Program is a fun an exciting initiative, which sees corporate and community groups book a presentation from RFDS Victoria.

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Will I gain paid work at RFDS Victoria if I volunteer first? 
Generally speaking, volunteering has proven to be a pathway to employment for some people. We are unable to guarantee that volunteering will result in paid employment. Much of that depends on how well you perform, the capabilities you can demonstrate and the job requirements for any employment positions that may become available while you are volunteering. The responsibility will be yours to keep up-to-date with positions vacant and to apply for any positions for which you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Can I get a reference? 
RFDS Victoria does not provide written references, however you are welcome to request your volunteer supervisor to provide you with a verbal reference. Your supervisor has the discretion to accept or decline your request. 

Will I be paid? 

No. Volunteer work is unpaid. 

Is financial support available? 

Volunteers will be reimbursed for any pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses, subject to the provision of tax receipts.  

Am I guaranteed a volunteer position if I apply? 

We cannot guarantee a volunteer place for all applicants.  

Can I volunteer to fulfil my Centrelink requirements?
Centrelink clients are welcome to apply for any volunteer roles that match their skills and availability. Your supervisor can verify hours to help you to satisfy requirements, however may be unable to guarantee the number of hours required. If you are a Centrelink client and need support to fulfil your obligations, please make this known during the application process so that staff can provide the administration support that you will require. 

Do I need a Working With Children Check?  

We require that all RFDS Victoria volunteers hold a valid Working With Children Card. Note that the Volunteer card type is sufficient and is available free to volunteers. To find out more about the check and how to apply, please visit the  My Check website.  

Do I need a Police Check? 

Our selection process does require all applicants for RFDS Victoria volunteer roles to either bring a National Police Check Report that is less than 6 months old, or agree to apply for a check. We cover the cost of this type of check for volunteers and will provide guidance on how to complete the process. 

Any disclosable findings will be treated with utmost respect and strict confidentiality.  

Do I need any other kind of check? 

Many volunteer roles with RFDS Victoria require special qualifications, experience and skills. Where there are work requirements, these will be stated in the volunteer position description associated with the role being advertised. Please check the position information for details. 

Will someone support me when I volunteer? 

All RFDS Victoria volunteers are allocated a member of staff who will perform as their supervisor or liaison. Supervisors provide on the job training, guidance and will tell you when they can be available to you for questions and any extra support you need.  

Can I fulfil my high school community service or Duke of Edinburgh Award requirements by volunteering with RFDS Victoria? 

No. RFDS Victoria does not have volunteer roles that are appropriate for children. To find a suitable role, please try contacting a specialist agency such as Volunteering Victoria, your local council, or go online to  

Does RFDS Victoria offer volunteering opportunities that involve air travel? 

No. RFDS Victoria does not offer this type of volunteering opportunity. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in on-road transport but not flight. 

What if I have further questions? 

For more information, please contact Volunteering Services by email message to