Rural Women's GP Service

Courtney is a user of the RFDS Rural Women's GP. She holds her baby Marley.

Women and men often prefer to consult with a female doctor for a range of health issues.

In small rural communities across Victoria, there is only one local GP who is often male. RFDS Victoria provides a Rural Women's GP Service in small communities in rural Victoria.

The Rural Women's GP Service is highly valued and enables rural Victorian communities to have a gender choice when visiting a doctor.

This service is 100% bulk billed.

Each Rural Women's GP Service runs on a 6-8 week rotation across a number of centres throughout Victoria and sees on average more than 1000 patients per year.

This service is available to all community members who would like to see a female GP.

Refer to The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights for information about the rights of patients and other people using the Australian health system.