Quality and Safety

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is committed to providing great care – no matter where you live.

RFDS Victoria has a dedicated Quality and Safety team that oversees the organisation’s policies, processes and resources.


What is quality and why is it important?

Quality means ‘a degree of excellence’ in something.

In health care, it means providing excellent health care to those who need it most. This is at the heart of the Flying Doctor's purpose. Providing a quality health care service means we strive to:

  • Listen to consumers to understand and meet their health care needs
  • Welcome feedback from consumers to improve our services
  • Seek feedback from consumers, staff and partners on ways we can improve
  • Work with service partners and local communities
  • Identify ongoing and new health needs
  • Measure outcomes and review processes regularly. Are we achieving excellence? How can we improve further?


Feedback is an important part of RFDS Victoria. It helps improve current programs and services and helps in the design of new services. All feedback is valued, as it allows the organisation to better understand consumer experiences. Feedback is recorded centrally, fed back to staff members and reported across the organisation. 

The organisation captures consumer feedback in a number of ways. One way to provide feedback is through our online form, which you can access here.

If you have any questions or feedback pertaining to quality, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at

Consumer representation

Consumer representation

The Flying Doctor prides itself on fostering a consultative, collaborative approach to service provision that is led by the communities we work with. As part of this, we are seeking interested members of the public to come on board as consumer representatives. We are looking to recruit consumer representatives from all walks of life (not just with a medical background) who are based in regional, rural and remote Victoria.

There are a number of different roles available, including committee membership, consulting roles, or even having a part to play in the development of resources. The purpose of these consumer representatives will be to advise RFDS Victoria on how best we can service the needs of country communities.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please submit an expression of interest form here.

Clinical gov

Clinical Government map

Clinical Governance is an important system at RFDS and ensures that we deliver safe and quality health services.

Clinical Governance at RFDS Victoria is comprehensive and involves the entire organisation. View our Clinical Governance Map here.


Your Call whistleblowing service

The RFDS Victoria board, Chief Executive and Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are committed to supporting an open and honest culture where staff and stakeholders feel empowered to speak up and call out wrongdoing or inappropriate behaviour.

As such, RFDS Victoria have engaged Your Call, an independent whistleblowing service, to support disclosures. We believe the strength of an organisation is measured by its commitment to transparency and honesty, and providing an external avenue for employees to report wrongdoing is a strong stance. 

The ability to disclose anonymously to Your Call, no matter the time of day or night, was an important part of the reason we engaged a third party service. It’s not always in the moment that you feel ready to speak up, and that’s okay. RFDS is committed to giving staff and stakeholders the opportunity to speak up when, and how, they most feel comfortable. 

Contact Your Call on 1300 790 228 or at Our organisational ID is RFDS2511.

View our whistleblower procedure here.

We also have a number of resources available for consumers to download: