Graphic: Garvina Lui, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprentice at RFDS

Garvina is engineering a future to be proud of

30 Nov 2022

Garvina Lui is forging her career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprentice based in Cairns – combining her passion for engineering and the ability to help people.

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RFDS team at Nockatunga Station

Prioritising health in rural Queensland

31 Aug 2021

For 18 years, Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) Nurse Manager Jo Mahony has been a driving force in supporting rural communities through every high and low.

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Gregory QCWA raise funds for the RFDS (Queensland Section)

Gregory QCWA help keep the Flying Doctor flying

24 Aug 2021

For everyone in the region around Gregory, the RFDS is their general practitioner, their emergency response and their mental health support. So, when we needed an upgraded clinic, the local women stepped in to help.

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Flight Nurse celebrates 10 years with the Service

Flight Nurse celebrates 10 years with the Service

20 Aug 2021

From providing care at 20,000 ft to delivering babies in remote hospitals, Flight Nurse Haidee Kerr shares why working for the Royal Flying Doctor Service is her dream job.

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RFDS (Queensland Section) Health Promotions Officer Judith Taylor

More than emergency healthcare — RFDS Field Days

16 Aug 2021

Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Field Days are just one of the many ways people in rural and remote areas can access the Flying Doctor’s life-saving treatment.

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RFDS Flight Nurse delivers his own baby, Maggie.

RFDS Flight Nurse delivers own baby

16 Aug 2021

When Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) Flight Nurse Hayden Wilson completed his midwifery studies in July 2019, little did he know he’d be putting those skills to use two years later to deliver his own child!

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RFDS needs your help to assist cardiac patients

RFDS calls for help to assist cardiac patients

15 Aug 2021

Cardiac emergencies account for almost 25 per cent of all patients transported by the Flying Doctor. And keeping so many critically-ill patients safe in the air requires constant access to a vast and costly range of cardiac monitoring medical equipment and supplies.

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doctor outback mental health tim driscoll

The accidental psychologist

13 Aug 2021

For some, working in healthcare is a lifelong dream. For Dr Tim Driscoll it was a happy accident, stumbling upon the profession while working abroad. Now Tim helps hundreds of Queenslanders improve their mental health each year.

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RFDS (Queensland Section) patient and aviation statistics

Real RFDS soars to new heights

12 Aug 2021

The latest annual patient and aviation statistics reveal a total of 12,319 patients were flown to emergency or specialist care by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) in the 2020/21 financial year.

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