Employee Assistance Program

The RFDS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) fosters higher performing workplaces by supporting an organisation’s most important asset - its team.

Personal wellbeing is the foundation for employees to excel at work and at home, and the RFDS EAP is designed to help individuals across all aspects of daily life.

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Having operated in regional, rural and remote Queensland for almost 100 years, the RFDS is uniquely positioned to provide workplace wellbeing programs that work.

The RFDS EAP nurtures and inspires workplaces by championing happier, healthier employees.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced mental health and wellbeing clinicians can provide employees with anonymous consultations in person, over the phone or online.

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The RFDS mental health and wellbeing clinicians are experts in their field - championing improved emotional wellbeing, and understanding the unique pressures often faced by those living outside urban centres.

The RFDS has an extensive team of experienced mental health and wellbeing clinicians who partner with organisations to design a bespoke EAP that responds to the individual needs of the organisation.

Everyone faces challenges in daily life. Common hurdles such as difficulty staying focused, handling stress, overcoming problems, or feeling overwhelmed can breed disengagement and disconnection.

More than 12,000

Mental health consultations delivered

RFDS clinicians, who have delivered more than 12,000 mental health consultations across the state in the past year alone, can foster happier, healthier workplaces by listening, coaching and supporting employees through various challenges or concerns across all aspects of their lives.

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An EAP partnership with the RFDS offers more than just wellbeing support.

We focus our collaborative model on sustainable, positive results, such as:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved performance
  • Higher engagement
  • Reduced stress

With our EAP partnership, your team will receive:

  • Virtual consultations: We deliver the finest care to the furthest corners of Queensland, and we can do this by virtual consultations. Your team will be able to quickly and easily book a virtual consultation with one of our experienced clinicians.
  • Dedicated support: We allow your team to speak to our trained clinicians immediately by phone, or, at the click of a button, we can schedule a convenient time for our teams to get in touch.
  • Access: Your team or one of their family members can partake in sessions with our trained staff.
  • Wellbeing insights: With RFDS EAP, you’ll receive six-monthly updates for staff and management about mental health and wellbeing trends identified in rural and regional areas, to help you better understand where your team is sitting and what you can do to support them.

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RFDS has been providing world-class mental health and emotional wellbeing services to Queenslanders for more than 25 years

Our dedicated team of mental health clinicians deliver comprehensive services to those who need it.

  • Over the past 12 months, our mental health program delivered more than 12,100 occasions of care across regional, rural and remote Queensland.
  • We work closely with headspace Cairns, and as their lead agency, we are responsible for the provision of youth mental health and counselling services in the region.
  • Our team has extensive experience implementing specific programs in response to crisis situations such as COVID-19 and drought.
  • Our dedicated mental health clinicians have lived and worked in regional and remote Queensland for a number of years, and have proven expertise in delivering support programs throughout the state.