Become an RFDS Medical Officer

As a well-established and trusted medical services provider, the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) is positioned to deliver the finest care to the furthest corner.

The RFDS (Queensland Section) provides a range of opportunities for medical officers across the telehealth, aeromedical and primary health care streams of medicine.

We take pride in delivering quality aeromedical retrieval services, as well as essential primary and preventative healthcare to regional, rural and remote Queenslanders.

Dr Ellis Hallet

Medical Officer - Primary Health Care

Rural and remote Australia is characterised by small, widely dispersed populations with limited access to primary health care services. 

The RFDS works to overcome this, by providing regular fly-in-fly-out GP, Nursing and Mental Health Clinics to rural and remote communities. 

In many of the locations where these clinics are provided, the RFDS is the only provider of health care services and takes the place of ‘local’ providers.

Telehealth - Cairns

Medical Officer - Telehealth

The RFDS medical officers provide a 24-hour medical consultation service via telephone and radio transmission.

The service is provided to people living, working or travelling in remote areas of Queensland. Advice is also available to rural doctors, remote area nurses, allied health staff, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers, patients and carers.

Another unique service is the RFDS Medical Chest. There are 1,200 of these valuable medical chests located throughout the state. They allow patients to be treated for a range of medical conditions including antibiotics for infections, pain relief prior to medical evacuation and more.

Dr Katrina - Aeromedical

Medical Officer - Aeromedical

All RFDS bases in Queensland (except Longreach) provide an aeromedical retrieval service for emergencies. 

This includes the provision of direct primary responses as well as transport of patients between hospitals — known as inter-hospital transfers.

All aircraft are staffed with a pilot, flight nurse and a medical officer if required. The aircraft are fully pressurised and configured to resemble mini-intensive care units. 

They are fitted with either a Lifeport or TAS system and a stretcher loading system that is fully compatible with road ambulance systems.