Our fleet

In Queensland, the Flying Doctor has a fleet of 20 aeromedical aircraft comprising 16 Beechcraft King Air B200 series and four King Air B350CHW. During the 2020/21 financial year, RFDS pilots flew 24,279 hours over 8.3 million kilometers, landing 22,587 times to deliver world-class aeromedical retrievals and healthcare to regional, rural and remote Queenslanders.

RFDS B200 aircraft

King Air B200 and B200 C

Number in fleet: 16

Maximum altitude: 35,000 feet

Maximum speed: 278 knots (536 kph)

Range: 2,700 km

Cabin dimensions: 1.38m wide, 5.1m long, 1.46m high

King Air B350CHW

King Air B350CHW

Number in fleet: 4

Maximum altitude: 35,000 feet

Maximum speed: 305 knots (564 kph)

Range: 3,000 km

Cabin dimensions: 1.38m wide, 5.84m long, 1.46m high

King Air B360CHW

King Air B360CHW

Number in fleet: 6 coming soon

Maximum altitude: 35,000 feet

Maximum speed:
312 knots (577 kph)

3,345 km

Cabin dimensions:
1.37m wide, 5.97m long, 1.45m high

King Airs

A twin-turbo prop aircraft produced by Beechcraft, the King Air B200 C is an extension of the King Air line that originated in the 1970s and has a long-proven history as an aircraft.

RFDS King Air B200 series and B350CHW aircraft are set up with two stretcher beds and three seats, which can be used in a variety of configurations. Some of our aircraft are modified to replace the standard passenger door with a large cargo door to facilitate patient loading and unloading.

Standard aircraft installation allows two pilot staff, however most operators, including the RFDS, typically operate the aircraft in single pilot configuration. In addition to normal aircraft systems, RFDS aircraft are fitted with an additional battery to provide medical power, a medical oxygen and suction system, and an intercommunication system between the cockpit and medical staff in the cabin.

A flight nurse is onboard for every flight and in cases where the patient is seriously ill, a doctor is also present. Other passengers can include sitting patients, accompanying relatives or specialist medical staff.