Primary Health Care Services

The RFDS provide a comprehensive range of health care services at a range of locations including rural towns, remote stations, mines, oil fields, national parks and island resorts. They are delivered by multidisciplinary teams including: General Practitioners, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and other health personnel including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, Health Promotion and Community Development Officers.

Graphic: RFDS provides a range of primary health care services across Queensland

These primary services include:

• General practice
• Child and family health
• Women's health
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
• Mental health/social and emotional wellbeing
• Health promotion/community capacity building
• Allied health
• Oral health

The general practice services are delivered via regular clinics. The frequency of delivery is based on local community needs. Medical Officers work closely with other health professionals both inside and outside the RFDS to ensure the best patient outcomes.

Oral health

Thanks to a unique partnership with the QCoal Group, the RFDS delivers a mobile dental clinic to towns in regional Queensland.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

The RFDS is continuing to develop its mental health and wellbeing services, to assist in addressing the health needs of those in rural and remote areas.

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Health promotion

Health promotion underpins all of the RFDS’s health services and covers health promotion and illness prevention, as well as community capacity building.

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Telehealth and Medical Chest

RFDS Medical Officers provide a 24 hour medical consultation service via telephone and radio transmission. The service is provided to people living, working or travelling in remote areas of Queensland.

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