Our Strategy 2023 - 2028


Throughout our celebrated history, we have pushed the boundaries to deliver the finest care to regional, rural and remote communities to make a real difference to the lives of people in the bush.

Growth has always been an important part of the RFDS story in Queensland. As we approach our 100th anniversary in 2028, it’s more important than ever.

Our bold and ambitious five-year strategy is the foundation for an exciting new future:

  • We will focus on what we do best while moving into new spaces that leverage our brand and reputation, strengths and capabilities.
  • We will innovate, expand our services and deliver new products and programs to meet community needs.

This strategy is a roadmap to guide everything we do to achieve our vision of better health access and outcomes for people in the bush.

RFDS central element

Our five pillars for growth

It’s about stretching our wings to grow and come closer to the communities we support.

  1. Growth in our people
  2. Growth in our community
  3. Growth in our service delivery
  4. Growth in our innovation
  5. Growth in our organisation

Our Strategy on a page

Our Strategy on a page

Our journey is shared. Our spirit is strong.

This artwork tells the story of the RFDS in Queensland. It is a story that began long ago and will continue far into the future. A story of a deep connection to people and place.

The artwork concept and narrative was developed by David Williams. David is a proud Wakka Wakka artist at Gilimbaa.

RFDS artwork

At the heart of the artwork sits RFDS; encapsulated by the central circular element. Just like RFDS’s role in modern Queensland, this element is a unique and central part of the artwork; it is the starting point of its narrative and the linchpin on which RFDS’s artwork story is told.

The propeller engine is synonymous with flight, and its subtle inclusion as part of the expanded central element pays tribute to not only the RFDS’s storied heritage, but its current and future journey of working towards being a more inclusive and welcoming service.

Growth is vital to RFDS and is represented by the five unique ‘growth pillar’ elements on the right-hand side of the artwork. The six ‘services’ elements shining brightly in Sky Country above pay tribute to not only traditional First Nations methods of navigating by the stars, but how early pioneers of flight did so too.

The rich colours shown throughout are drawn from the diverse Countries of Queensland from the ocean to the desert. Every element is a part of the story; everything is connected.

The connections represented in the artwork are in pairs of straight lines, symbolising RFDS flight paths all over the state. These connections keep our communities strong and are built on the dedication, care and hard work that RFDS has offered Queenslanders for close to 100 years.