RFDS skyward: our game-changing Operations Control Centre

Date published

24 Jan 2024

RFDS reached a major milestone in November 2022 with the launch of its state-of-the-art Operations Control Centre (OCC).

The launch of the OCC represents a significant leap forward for the RFDS. While still in its infancy, the Centre has quickly established its importance as the vital nerve centre of operations in Queensland.

Staffed around the clock by experts in fields as diverse as nursing and engineering, the Centre provides support to frontline clinical crews across the state with a more proactive and coordinated approach to operations.


The constant stream of real-time data from bases, aircraft, and personnel is displayed on desktop monitors and a wall of computer screens, enabling the team to consider and manage every aspect of an aeromedical retrieval or incident. 

It also enables them to meet their goal of delivering the best possible care to the people who rely on the Service, wherever they live in the state.

In addition, regular reports based on the data collected ensure that lessons learned are fed back into the system to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Manager of the Centre, Cassie Windsor, sees this data as essential to the future of the RFDS as a whole and does not doubt that information collected since the launch already demonstrates greater accountability and efficiency. 

She proudly cites that, thanks to high standards, robust systems, and improved information sharing between pilots, the engineering department and the maintenance watch team, we are seeing improved availability and utlilisation of our growing fleet.

OCC team

The information from the Centre’s systems is also essential to the donors and supporters whose belief in the value of the OCC enabled the project to proceed. Thanks to the data now available, they can see clearly that their
contribution has made a real difference.

The next step for the OCC will be to enhance the OCC data suite further to enable a more live view of information which can then be analysed, verified, and distributed across the broader OCC team, RFDS bases, and directly to the relevant frontline crews. This will represent another leap forward in shared situational awareness across our organisation and another improvement that will directly improve the patient journey.

The OCC also represents the first foray into the Brisbane Aeromedical Base when it is completed and is a good proving ground for Brisbane Airport based strategic coordination. Cassie and her team of Duty Managers, Duty Tasking Officers, Maintenance Watch Engineers, and Flight Nurses look forward to co-locating with the other services.

“Co-locating with the other services will undoubtedly enhance collaboration and face-to-face problem-solving, aligning perfectly with our shared goal of providing a worldclass service to the people of Queensland,” she said.