Graphic: doctor rfds plane

All in a day’s work: Keeping Michael alive

09 Sep 2021

When Dr Charles Ellis wakes up in the morning, he’s never quite sure what the day will hold. One day he got a call that was life or death.

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Busby Marou

A flight like no other

09 Aug 2021

“I really didn’t want to put them out, so I told them it's all good, I'm a platinum flyer so I can sort the flight out myself. They pretty quickly told me I would be flying with the Flying Doctor.”

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flight nurse justine powell queensland

A nurse's life in the sky

08 Aug 2021

From finding a career to finding love, in her 20 years with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) Nurse Manager Justine Powell has quite a few interesting tales to tell.

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$20 note with John Flynn on it.

The little-known history of the $20 note

07 Aug 2021

There's a good change you've got a $20 in your wallet right now, but not many know the real story behind the man on the red note. His name is John Flynn and it all started back in 1917.

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sam bruce works on place apprentice engineer

From patient to RFDS apprentice engineer

06 Aug 2021

As a baby Sam Bruce was rushed to Brisbane, now he's on the other side of the spectrum, working as an apprentice for the RFDS (Queensland Section).

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Real Faces of the RFDS - Geoff Cobden

The community is the cavalry

02 Aug 2021

After more than two decades flying over the furthest reaches of Queensland, Pilot Geoff Cobden has found that the heart of the RFDS lies in the community of people who support the Service.

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Flight Nurse Jacinta Jones helps outback patients

Drama in the outback

28 Jul 2021

From lost and injured station hands, to heart attacks and mid-air births, there is no such thing as a typical workday for RFDS (Queensland Section) Flight Nurse Jacinta Jones.

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Bush spirit keeps RFDS flying high in Queensland

Bush spirit keeps RFDS flying high

27 Jul 2021

A country boy at heart, RFDS Mount Isa Aeromedical Pilot Geoff Cobden says the true bush spirit is never more evident than when putting the call out for people to assist the RFDS.

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RFDS helps muster up the courage to discuss mental health

RFDS helps muster up the courage to discuss mental health

20 Jul 2021

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) recently teamed up with renowned working dog trainer Steve Elliott to deliver a unique mental health workshop for the people of western Queensland.

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