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29 Sep 2020

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Ridewest on a journey from Brisbane to Longreach

23 Apr 2018

Ridewest riders have begun their 1237km journey from Brisbane to Longreach. The team have nearly raised $1 000 000 for the RFDS mental health service since their first ride in 2010.

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A mother’s worst nightmare

13 Apr 2018

What started out like a normal day for mother of four Susan Thorne, would later be one she remembers as “the worst day of our lives”.

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A Royal visit for our Cairns base

10 Apr 2018

Prince Charles unveils the name of the newest addition to the Queensland Fleet. A call to Gilberton Station gives the Prince insight to the families that it will service.

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Kalgoorlie RFDS flight nurse proves to be cream of the crop

03 Apr 2018

Kalgoorlie-based RFDS flight nurse Colleen Reid has been chosen to partake in a highly selective aeromedical course in New Zealand.

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A Day in the life of an RFDS Patient Transport Officer

31 Mar 2018

Glenice was transferred onto their stretcher then we were off to the hospital. Glenn and Wez were laidback, which was a good thing as Glenice does enjoy making fun with people. She kept attempting to knock Glenn’s hat off with her walking stick

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Aeromedical, dental and mental health bush boost

29 Mar 2018

The Australian Government has committed four year funding to the RFDS today. This funding will support continued fly and drive in medical, nursing, and dental services in remote areas, and a new national mental health program. The Flying Doctor thanks all who worked to support RFDS funding.

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Study finds higher bush cardiac deaths are preventable

28 Mar 2018

New Flying Doctor research, titled Cardiovascular health in remote and rural communities found that remote Australians are 1.6 times more likely to be hospitalised for coronary heart disease than people in major cities, and 1.3 times more likely to die.

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Remote Airstrip Upgrade Funding

26 Mar 2018

Remote Airstrip Upgrade funding will provide lifesaving improvements to rural airstrips in towns like Comooweal in QLD and Innamincka in SA.

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