Graphic: Cate working in the hangar

Women in engineering

20 Sep 2023

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprentice Cate is on a pathway to success gaining her engineering qualifications working alongside our experienced RFDS engineers.

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A day in the life of an RFDS Flight Nurse

08 Jan 2018

I could be a midwife one day, a critical care nurse the next and working in primary health the day after.

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What drives an RFDS Flight Nurse

What drives an RFDS Flight Nurse - Laura Bratby

08 Dec 2017

In a job where no two days are the same, flight nurse Laura Bratby is motivated by mental resilience, a supportive team and knowing she’s helping people who need her the most.

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A passion for remote health care

29 Sep 2017

“You have to be flexible - other people might call it resilient, but you must have the flexibility to work in a huge range of environments. You must be adaptable.”

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RFDS B350 Fusion

A new vision in aviation

03 Aug 2017

The RFDS (Queensland Section) has made Australian aviation history after taking delivery of the Proline Fusion cockpit flight display technology, the first of its kind in the country. Deputy Head of Flying Operations, Clayton Nankivell explains.

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Alfred Traeger: Giving the Outback its voice

01 Aug 2017

Traeger's technology spread across two thirds of the Australian continent, covering more than five million square kilometres, giving residents a level of connectivity unlike they had ever seen before.

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Lesley De Landelles

Rural nurse honoured as 2017 RFDS Queensland Hero

29 Jul 2017

A dedicated commitment to the wellbeing of her small central Queensland community has seen Lesley De Landelles taking home the 2017 RFDS Queensland Hero award.

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Jade-Elle car crash

My sister, the brave

10 Jul 2017

My dad called. He told me a truck had crushed his car. My three daughters were trapped inside. He didn't know if they were trapped inside. He didn't know if they were all alive. I thought I was dreaming. That's what stopped me from collapsing."

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Share your story with the RFDS and make a difference

Share your story and make a difference

07 Jul 2017

Share your story with the Flying Doctor and help make a difference

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