RFDS in your state – QLD

New clinic transport aircraft almost ready to serve remote families

“Without the Flying Doctor, I’d have to drive a nine-hour round trip every time one of my kids developed a temperature, had an earache or needed a vaccine.” - Felicity Jenkins
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kids on horse

And with a gust of wind they were pinned to the ground

It was the day of Thargomindah's annual Campdraft. James, Abbie and Laura Hoch were looking forward to a day of fun, when a gust of wind blew a heavy steel fence on top of them, pinning them to the ground.
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Kaleb's Story

Kaleb was just 10 days old when his heart started to fail. He needed emergency heart surgery to survive. But he was stranded with his mother Lori, as their isolated hometown was surrounded by flood waters.
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Lexie in hospital

A catastrophic accident that changed Lexie's life forever

At just 18-years old, Lexie, a young women from Townsville had a truly horrific accident while enjoying her first work experience at one of the remotest spots in Australia.
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Graphic: Cliff with his catch

The one that got away

Few Queenslanders have come as close to death as Cliff Packham and lived to tell the tale. He suffered a cardiac arrest on the beach of remote Sweers Island last September, click to read more
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