Social and Emotional Wellbeing

The RFDS is continuing to develop its mental health services to assist in addressing the health needs of those in rural and remote areas. The limited availability of services combined with a low help-seeking behaviour and stigma associated with mental health issues, compound the problem even more than in urban areas.

Graphic: RFDS field days provide local community members the chance to socialise and receive medical care

As a result the RFDS is implementing strategies to help overcome these issues including:

• Development of evidence-based best practice models to define service delivery
• Ensuring our service models are flexible and responsive to community need
• Training of local indigenous community members to build local capacity
• Targeted assistance in areas of specific need
• Working with other services, such as Police, schools and other non-Government organisations to develop new strategies

The RFDS delivers multiple mental health services including the Drought Wellbeing Service, which provides clinical and non-clinical support to those in drought affected areas, and a range of social and emotional wellbeing services.

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