QCoal Group

Christopher Wallin, Managing Director of QCoal Group, has personally supported the RFDS for many years. In 2010, the QCoal Group became a proud Principal Partner of the RFDS Queensland Section.

The QCoal Group is an independent Queensland-based company that has been active in coal exploration, discovery and development since 1989. At its Northern Hub just south of Collinsville in the upper Bowen Basin, the QCoal Group currently operates the Sonoma, Cows and Drake Mines. QCoal is also developing Byerwen coal project, west of the town of Glenden. It has been through innovation, collaboration and pragmatism that QCoal has been able to continue its organic growth and is now working hard to ensure sustainability for operations and communities.

Graphic: The QCoal Community Dental Service

QCoal Foundation helped to provide essential funding to establish a vital oral health service—The RFDS Dental Service. Made possible through the generous financial support of the QCoal Foundation, in its first four years the Service delivered more than $4 million in dental treatment to more than 21 communities across central west and north-west Queensland. The RFDS would like to thank the QCoal Foundation for its continued interest in improving the oral health of rural and remote communities across Queensland. 

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The RFDS would like to thank Christopher and the QCoal Foundation for supporting our work and we look forward to making you proud of your connection.

Learn more about the RFDS Dental Service funded by QCoal Foundation and the Australian Government.