You're probably wondering how trekking will actually help us... Here's how

Date published

04 Feb 2018

You may have heard the Flying Doctor is hosting a trek to Cradle Mountain in October. Each participant of the trek will raise at least $4,000.

We know this sounds like a lot... so we wanted to share what $4,000 means to us...

Infusion pump

$4,000 = 1 x Infusion pump and 150 disposable pump lines

This means 150 patients across rural Queensland can receive crucial fluids during remote areomedical evacuation flights.

Vacuum Mattress

$4,000 = 3 x Vacuum Mattresses

Used to immobilise patients with vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma in remote aeromedical evacuations. 


And in return, we'll keep doing what we do best - saving lives 

For every kilometre you walk we will help 10 people, that's one patient every 2 minutes.