RFDS Rescue Swag attached to a backpack

‘Tis the season for staying safe

Date published

21 Nov 2022

This festive season, the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is urging Queenslanders to prepare for the unexpected and stay safe no matter where they live, work or travel.

Renowned for our aeromedical and primary health care services, the Flying Doctor is also committed to helping Queenslanders be prepared in case of emergency.

That’s why we joined forces with Rescue Swag, an iconic Queensland brand of world-leading first aid kits.

Dr Shaun Francis

Rescue Swag first aid kits are made for the harsh Queensland climate and include the highest quality safety supplies that are essential for emergency situations — such as snakebites, jellyfish stings, hiking falls, burns and riding accidents.’

For years now, RFDS Doctor Shaun Francis has trusted Rescue Swag to keep his family safe when at home and on holidays.  

Dr Francis explains the importance of knowing basic first aid and travelling with a first aid kit.

“The difference it makes having a first aid kit on hand when you find yourself in an emergency can be the difference between life and death,” Dr Francis says. 

“Even before RFDS was involved with Rescue Swag, I had purchased a kit to keep my family safe.

“I’m really proud that RFDS now has a first aid kit people can buy, knowing it will help in any situation they may find themselves in.

“An added bonus is that people buying a Rescue Swag first aid kit are not only keeping themselves safe, but they’re also helping ensure people in regional, rural and remote communities receive the healthcare they deserve.”

All profits from Rescue Swag support the Flying Doctor in Queensland.