A special artwork depicting the RFDS values

A special artwork depicting the RFDS values

Date published

05 Dec 2022

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) are pleased to share their latest artwork that has been created by teen artist, Wudarabin Snider to depict the values of the RFDS (Queensland Section).

Titled Lores, this colourful artwork shares the story of the Flying Doctor's values and their commitment to always be there for the people who rely on them.

“The firesticks represent mutual care and respect. Our people would make a fire to show their respect when passing through neighbouring clans’ territory and for smoking ceremonies to show care for their wellbeing.

The large shields represent the theme safety and quality, as the shields were used by our people for protection. They were quality shields to provide safety.

The clapsticks were used around the fire to sing songs, and share stories, as a community together, in a collaborative environment.

The huts symbolise the safety and shelter we had in an open and transparent environment.

The boomerangs represent the value of commercially astute, as a person has to be very sharp and clear to be able to throw a boomerang and make it return.

The birds represent the RFDS staff being proud and passionate as they fly high in the sky like the planes

There is also surrounding Bama (Aboriginal) dot art, which shows my pride and passion in my culture, especially the white dots which represent my bubu (country) Laura and the ancient cave art," Wudarabin explains.

You can watch a 5-minute video where Wudrabin explains her connection with the land, her culture, and the RFDS values below.

The Annual and Financial reports, featuring Wudarabin's artwork on the covers, are now published here

The Annual Report shares many beautiful stories of our patients, supporters, and our team. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in this project and encourage you to read and share these stories.

Wudarabin previously created the winning design in an Indigenous Creative Art Competition, with her artwork featuring on the cover of the 2020/21 RFDS (Queensland Section) Financial Report and Annual Report.