bright yellow Rescue Swag on fence

Graphic: bright yellow Rescue Swag on fence

RFDS helping Queenslanders prepare for the unexpected

Date published

25 Aug 2022

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) has announced it has joined forces with an iconic Queensland brand of world-leading first aid kits.

Rescue Swag - the innovative range of portable, life-saving first aid kits and supplies - is now owned by the RFDS (Queensland Section), with all profits flowing directly back to support the Flying Doctor.  

RFDS (Queensland Section) Chief Executive Officer Meredith Staib said the RFDS has been supplying outback Queenslanders with medical chests for 80 years.

“Over this time, we’ve seen just how important having first aid supplies at hand can be,” Ms Staib said.

“With a growing number of people living, working, and travelling in regional, rural, and remote areas, we’re committed to continuing to deliver and develop innovative, forward-thinking products to help ensure you’re prepared in an emergency, and can travel safely.

“Purchasing a Rescue Swag not only might help save your life, but you’ll also be helping support the RFDS to continue to deliver vital healthcare services to communities right across the state.”

Dr Shaun Francis is standing in front of a green shrub wearing his uniform and holding a yellow Rescue Swag first aid kit

RFDS Doctor Shaun Francis said being prepared for the unexpected is crucial.

“Minutes can mean the difference between life and death, so being equipped with even basic supplies to provide medical assistance can make all the difference in an emergency,” Dr Francis said.

“From administering CPR to treating burns or a potentially deadly snake bite, having a Rescue Swag in your car, backpack, or even under your work desk, helps ensure you’re prepared, no matter where you are.”

A yellow Rescue Swag is on the ground open displaying the first aid items inside.

RFDS Flight Nurse Elizabeth Ferrier said Rescue Swag kits are convenient and easy to use.

“We keep a Rescue Swag in the back of our car, so it comes with us wherever we go,” Ms Ferrier said.

“My daughter fell off her scooter and hit her chin on a rock when we were out camping in North Queensland, but we were able to quickly and easily patch her up using our Rescue Swag.

“Having lived in the remote Northern Territory, I know just how important it is to have access to first aid, especially when help might be far away, so having a Rescue Swag in the car puts my mind at ease knowing that we always have the kit close by.”  

The Rescue Swag range is available online and will also be available to purchase at events and locations across Queensland throughout the year.