RFDS helps save twins born at 25 weeks

RFDS appeals for Christmas donation

Date published

06 Dec 2021

“There’d be so many people that wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the RFDS. I know myself, our story probably would be very, very different.”

Davies twins

Nikiha and Matt Davies will this year celebrate Christmas with healthy twin boys, now almost two-years-old.

But if it wasn’t for an emergency transfer by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) when Nikiha was just 25 weeks pregnant, the couple may not have been so lucky.

Having discovered she was expecting identical twins, Mrs Davies learned early that hers was a high-risk pregnancy which involved surgery at just 18 weeks.

Fortunately, both boys survived, but at just 25 weeks into her pregnancy, Nikiha awoke to her waters breaking.

The RFDS were called to deliver Nikiha to specialist care in Brisbane — around 300 kilometres from their home in Chinchilla.

“It was a huge relief to be on that aircraft, and (Flight Nurse) Jeanie was incredible — a genuine angel of the sky. She was calm and gentle and hugely professional,” Mrs Davies said.

“I didn’t know what all of (the equipment) did, but I knew that whatever happened during that journey, my babies were as safe as they possibly could be. And that meant everything in the world to me at the time, and still does to this day.”

Twins Nash and Reuben were delivered 36 hours after arriving at Mater Mothers’ Hospital, weighing just 900 grams each.

Nikiha said it wasn’t until she was able to hold the boys against her body that she fully understood how small they really were.

Davies twins' first Christmas

“They are (now) big happy, healthy babies. At the end of the day we had such a positive outcome, and more than we could ever ask for.”

The Davies are now appealing to Queenslanders to support the Flying Doctor with a Christmas donation.

RFDS (Queensland Section) Chief Executive Officer Meredith Staib said the organisation hoped to raise more than $450,000 to help fund neo-natal emergency training and equipment.

“We want to ensure that every mother in Queensland will be able to access the world-class care that Nikiha and Matt experienced,” she said.

“It’s been another busy year for the RFDS, with thousands of patients consulted and transferred statewide.

“But we simply couldn’t perform the job we do without community support. Your donations help fund our vital life-saving work.

“We very much appreciate all contributions — every dollar counts. Please consider donating to the Flying Doctor this Christmas.”