A day in the life of an RFDS Flight Nurse

Date published

08 Jan 2018

As a Flight Nurse within the RFDS QLD team you will experience a career that is dynamic, highly diverse and that requires a variety of expertise.

Speaking to Jo Mahony about a day in her role, it is quite clear that as a flight nurse, every day is different, and that is exactly what she loves about it. Jo is a Manager of Clinical and Base Operations in Charleville, where she has been working with RFDS for the last 14 and a half years. 

There is no typical day for me! That is part of the reason I wanted to work for RFDS because of the broad scope of practice. It’s appealing to be able to do something different every day.

For instance, last time I was in the clinic I administered some immunisations and child health checks, then I was called to retrieve a girl with a hand laceration with tendon damage and then to a snake bite. I could be a midwife one day, a critical care nurse the next and working in primary health the day after. I never think ‘Agggh, it’s Monday again’ because every day is so different and dynamic.” 

Graphic: Jo Mahoney loading

The ability to practice in a variety of fields and not get pigeonholed within a speciality is another aspect that attracts people to the role of a Flight Nurse. Jo is no different. Her desire to use all of her nursing skills is a benefit she has never found in a role before. 

“If people are looking for an advanced practice role where you can use all your knowledge, a role as a Flight Nurse with RFDS is a great match. While at other places you may be just another number, here at RFDS you can see your whole skillset being put to good use and feel appreciated for it.

Not to mention, working in a small community I have people telling me about how they are when I am shopping in IGA. There are some wonderful characters in South-West QLD!”

A day in Jo’s role, no matter where she is working, also requires the management and coordination of her team. Working very closely with a team of nurses, pilots, doctors and administration staff, she promotes a shared passion and vision for providing the best care for people living remotely.

“People don’t come here just to climb the career ladder or to pick up your pay check. It’s about so much more than that. Everyone wants to be here because we understand the impact we have on local communities. Whatever your role, we have the same goal and we don’t want to let our people down.” 

Have you considered joining our team? You’ll work in a role where every day is different and work alongside people who are passionate and proud of their contribution to RFDS. Head to our current opportunities to apply for a role as a Flight Nurse and join the RFDS team.

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