Cairns team celebrates headspace day

Building a healthy headspace

Date published

20 Oct 2021

This headspace day, our Cairns team encouraged young people to remain optimistic and take small steps to support their mental wellbeing.

Building on last year’s theme, Small steps everyday, this year’s theme, Small steps start big things, encouraged young people to take regular, small actions that form healthy habits to manage and overcome feelings of loneliness, lack of motivation and stress.

Community Engagement Officer Grace Holden says this year’s headspace day was about incorporating small, positive habits into young people’s daily routines to improve wellbeing.

“Spending five to 10 minutes each day on something that helps you to slow down a little, like creating a routine, connecting with someone or taking a moment to breathe, can help build a healthy headspace.

“This headspace day, we encouraged everyone to take small steps that work for them.

“We held a morning tea with the Member for Leichhardt, Warren Entsch, as well as other local mental health organisations to promote healthy eating. We also created bullet journals to demonstrate how to take care through organisation and participated in a yoga class to demonstrate how to take care through mindfulness and movement,” she said.

Grace says while some of these steps may seem straightforward it’s important to encourage young people to slow down and implement habits that support their mental health.

“While we at headspace understand the importance of taking small steps in maintaining good mental health, sometimes these actions aren’t obvious to the young people we support, so promotion of these activities can be a helpful reminder for them.

“We hope that through headspace day, young people had the opportunity to try out new self-care activities that they could add to their ‘mental health toolbox’ going forward.”  

The headspace Cairns team also centred their Queensland Mental Health Week around six simple steps to improve mood, build resilience and boost wellbeing. The six steps are: get healthy; keep learning; show kindness; connect more; take notice; and embrace nature.

As part of the celebrations, the team hosted a communication class to demonstrate learning, a ‘speed-friending’ session to connect with others, plant potting to embrace nature, and an art competition encouraging everyone to take notice.

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