Baby Daisy's Flying Doctor journey

Date published

24 Feb 2020

Keeping families safe across an area the size of Queensland is a challenge on an epic scale. It would be impossible without the exceptional medical equipment paid for by our wonderful Support Crew members.

Support Crew members are people just like you; who share your determination to keep Queensland safe for all who live, work and travel across our vast state.

They want to support our aeromedical teams in their efforts to keep us safe, but because they lead busy lives, they’re looking for a way to help that’s as effortless as it is effective.

Joining the Flying Doctor Support Crew
 gives them all these advantages. Because it’s a monthly giving program, once they’ve completed our simple membership form, they are free to go about their daily lives, knowing that their gifts will arrive at the Flying Doctor automatically every month – helping us meet the ongoing cost of equipping our aeromedical teams to save lives.

And because Support Crew members decide exactly how much they want to give, and they are able to alter or cancel their contributions in a moment’s notice, they know they are always in control.

Truly, there is no more convenient or effective way to become a core member of the Flying Doctor team. Start saving lives in regional and rural Queensland today and join us as a member of our Support Crew.

How our Support Crew helped save Daisy before she was even born

Shantell Kennell was enjoying the perfect pregnancy, when almost overnight her blood pressure shot through the roof.

Shantell was told she had severe preeclampsia, her life was in danger and the only sure ‘cure’ was to have her baby Daisy delivered prematurely. To reduce the risk of her daughter suffering severe complications, Shantell needed to journey 600km to have her baby in a specialist unit in Brisbane.

Getting Shantell to where she urgently needed to be was clearly a job for the Flying Doctor. And thanks to our wonderful Support Crew, and the preterm baby emergency kits they helped to fund, our Rockhampton aeromedical team was quickly on the scene.

Packed with essential items like neonatal feeding tubes and infant syringes, our preterm baby emergency kids are absolutely essential to our ability to respond to pregnancy emergencies. Without them, we could not transfer mums like Shantell, because we could not guarantee the safety of their babies in the event of them being delivered prematurely in the air.

Our preterm baby emergency kits, paid for with assistance from our Support Crew, enabled our aeromedical teams to transfer Shantell and Daisy safely to Brisbane, knowing that they had the tools they needed to respond with life-saving care no matter what happened on that journey.

And the good news is that Daisy was still safely inside her mum went they got to hospital, where specialists were able to keep her for a further three weeks – ensuring that Daisy not only survived her premature birth, but was strong enough to enjoy her first cuddle with mum just three days later.  

Today, Daisy is a happy and healthy, fun-loving one year old. She’s living proof of the life-changing difference our wonderful Wings members make. And if you were to decide to join them today, you can be sure there will be many more happy endings like hers for years to come.