You're changing lives in outback Queensland

Date published

13 Jan 2020

Collinsville resident, Deanna, was one of the first patients to walk through the door of the RFDS Dental Service more than seven years ago. For Deanna and her husband, the service you helped to provide has been invaluable.

“My husband had bad facial cancer with quite a bit of jaw damage. The Dental Service did a massive amount of work on his teeth the first time they were in town.”

In fact, there was so much work to do, that Deanna and her husband followed the truck to Clermont the next day to finish his treatment.

Before the RFDS Dental Service rolled into town, Deanna and her husband would drive more than 600 kilometers (four hours) one way to seek dental care. 

“A lot of people need to drive to Bowen or Townsville for good dental care and not everyone can drive that far. It’s wonderful to be able to drive 5 kilometers to the dentist!”

“I have never experienced a better dental service than here at the RFDS dental van. Plus, my mouth hasn’t felt so good in such a long time!”

For Deanna, the novelty of the Dental Service hasn’t worn off – even if it has been over seven years since it first started rolling into town.

“It’s a pleasure to come to the dental truck. All the staff are always so lovely. It’s just so nice to see everyone with a big smile on their face.”

The RFDS Dental Service was launched in 2013, thanks to our Founding Partners QCoal Foundation and QCoal Group. For over seven years, the service has been changing lives in regional and remote communities across Queensland.

Your ongoing support is bringing essential primary health care services, like our dental service, to Queenslanders who need it most.