RFDS Health Group return to mixed billing

RFDS Victoria is proud to be counted among the local healthcare providers in Robinvale, strengthening our historical support for the community through our purchase of Robinvale District Medical Centre earlier this year.

We are invested in making the practice sustainable in the long term and to support this, RFDS Health Group Robinvale will be moving to mixed billing effective 1 January 2024.

For many, this is a return to the payment system that was in place at Robinvale District Medical Centre prior to the clinic flooding and moving locations in January 2021.

We understand this may cause concern for some patients and are deeply committed to continuing to provide affordable healthcare of the highest quality to the community in Robinvale. To make sure we are not leaving our most vulnerable patients behind, patients will still be bulk billed for some appointments (listed below) or if they hold a valid Medicare card and

  • Are 16 years of age or younger, or
  • Hold a valid concession card.

Please see the FAQs and appointment cost table below for more information.

What is changing?

Currently, RFDS Health Group Robinvale charges patients through bulk billing. This means that patients don’t pay anything for their appointment and RFDS Victoria claims the Medicare rebate for the appointment.

After 1 January 2024, patients will need to pay the full cost of their appointment on the day and receive the Medicare rebate into their nominated account directly from Medicare.

Some patients are still eligible for bulk billing – see below for details.

Why is this happening?

The Medicare rebate is no longer sufficient to cover the cost of the appointment to RFDS Victoria. Introducing mixed billing will help cover this cost and allow us to continue providing healthcare to Robinvale residents long term.

Who is still eligible for mixed billing?

In order to continue providing affordable healthcare to as many people as possible, we will still bulk bill patients who hold a valid Medicare card and

  • Are aged 16 years and under
  • Hold a valid concession card, including a Pensioner Concession Card, DVA Card or Health Care Card.

What kinds of appointments will be bulk billed?

All patients will still be bulk billed for appointments for

  • Care plans or health assessments, or
  • Government-funded immunisations.

What if I can't afford it?

If you can’t afford the payment and are not eligible for continued mixed billing please speak to the clinic staff or your GP.

Please see the table below for information on the private fees, Medicare rebate and out of pocket cost you can expect to pay for future appointments.

An image indivating the fees, rebate and out of pocket cost for mixed billing.