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Why has the Flying Doctor purchased the Robinvale District Medical Centre? 
In late 2021, Dr Jane Neyland approached the Flying Doctor to discuss the possibility of us taking over ownership of her clinic. As RFDS Victoria has been an active and familiar presence in Robinvale for many years through our GP, telehealth and speech therapy services, it felt like a natural step for us to form this new partnership with Dr Neyland. The Flying Doctor has always been committed to ensuring great health care is accessible to all Victorians, and we were therefore excited when Dr Neyland invited us to collaborate and provide her and her team with support. 

Is Dr Neyland leaving the clinic? 
No, Dr Neyland is remaining at the clinic and will continue to treat her patients. The Flying Doctor will be supporting Dr Neyland by taking ownership of the clinic’s administrative duties. Our goal as new owners of the clinic is to support a better work/life balance for Dr Neyland and her entire team, while simultaneously protecting the future of the clinic for all. We are eager to work in partnership with Dr Neyland to ensure the people of Robinvale and surrounding communities can continue to access quality health care. 

What services is Dr Dharminder Singh providing in 2023? 
From February 2023, Dr Dharminder Singh will be living in Adelaide with his family and providing telehealth appointments Monday and Tuesdays every week, and face-to-face appointments in Robinvale every six to eight weeks. 

Will there be other doctors working from the clinic?
Yes, we currently have appointments available with Dr Jane Neyland, Dr Dharminder Singh, Nurse Practitioner Mary Jane Hulls and Dr Susan Lewis. We are currently recruiting for additional GPs to provide face-to-face appointments Monday to Friday.  

Where is the clinic? 
The clinic will continue to be co-located at Robinvale District Health Service, 128 Latje Road, Robinvale.  

What days are the clinic open? 
Currently, while we are recruiting additional GPs, the clinic is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9am to 5pm, and some Thursdays and Fridays.

Who can access services at Health Group in Robinvale? Can I go to the clinic if I don’t have a Medicare card? 
Everyone can access services at Health Group in Robinvale. It is important to realise there are limits to the amount of patients that our doctors will be able to see. At the moment, Dr Neyland is not accepting any new patients. However, we endeavor to book appointments as soon as possible to anyone within the Robinvale community. You may still come to the clinic without a Medicare card, however, there may be a small charge for your appointment.

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