Saving baby Zac

Zac & Jemma

Zac was born with an unexpected and life-threatening condition. He couldn’t clear the fluid on his lungs and was struggling to breathe.

Our expert neonatal crew sprang into action, airlifting Zac to Brisbane Hospital for emergency treatment. The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine on board took every breath for him, and a specialist infant incubator kept him safe and warm.

But then Jemma started to haemorrhage and needed our help too.

While Zac was being cared for on board one Flying Doctor flight, his mum Jemma was being treated on another, and supported by Flying Doctor Nurse, Jo.

It took Zac a few days in Intensive Care to clear the fluid on his lungs. But, after a week, he was well enough for us to fly him and his mum home. Finally, Jemma was able to hold her baby in her arms without having to worry about tubes, wires and bleeping machines.

She knew her little boy was safe.

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