Mobile Eye Care

Picture of elderly lady getting her eyes checked

For enquiries relating to Mobile Eye Care in Victoria - including booking appointments - please call (03) 8412 0444

For people in some rural communities, a visit to an eye specialist can mean a lengthy journey and in some circumstances, may not be possible due to advancing age or if the person is unable to drive long distances because of their vision. This can leave people at risk of more serious vision impairment and even blindness.

Our Mobile Eye Care program is addressing this issue by delivering an eye clinic program with optometrists that travel to the regions of the Mallee, West Wimmera and East Gippsland, providing monthly visits in these regions.

This program is free and is delivered in partnership with the Australian College of Optometry and local health services.

The communities reached by this service include:

  • Ouyen
  • Sea Lake
  • Underbool
  • Murrayville
  • Gelantipy
  • Dargo
  • Ensay
  • Cann River
  • Goongerah
  • Goroke
  • Kaniva
  • Rainbow
  • Jeparit
  • Birchip
  • Donald

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