Baby Kaleb

Graphic: Baby Kaleb

Saving baby Kaleb

Date published

18 Jan 2021

Baby Kaleb was only 10 days old when he became seriously ill in the midst of rising floodwaters in Biloela. His mum, Lori, took him to the local hospital.

But Kaleb was so unwell that he needed intensive care – nearly 150km away.

The roads were cut off, the telephones were down and no ambulance on earth could have made it through the floodwaters that day. Kaleb and his mum Lori were trapped.

Baby Kaleb in hospital

A quick-thinking nurse realised he needed intensive care so she put in an emergency call to the Flying Doctor to for help. Within minutes an aircraft was dispatched to bring Kaleb to the care he so desperately needed.

Lori says that if Kaleb was left untreated any longer, it could have been fatal. And that’s why the Flying Doctor is so crucial to people living in isolated communities like Kaleb but our challenge is ensuring we have the aircraft, medical supplies and highlight trained crew.

We never know when the next fire, flood or drought will strike which is why we need your help. 

Your donation today will help keep the Flying Doctor in the air and on the road, saving lives like Kaleb’s every day.

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