Our staff – compassion in the face of crisis

Date published

05 Feb 2020

At the heart of everything RFDS Victoria does, is a group of more than 500 dedicated staff members.

Many of these staff members, despite battling challenging circumstances of their own relating to the ongoing bushfire crisis, have continued to go above and beyond for their communities.

As an organisation, we wish to publicly acknowledge and thank staff for their work during - and no doubt beyond – this time.

Some of the people we’d like to acknowledge include:

- The many RFDS staff who are also volunteer fire fighters and all of their colleagues for being so ready and willing to help fill shifts in their absence. One example (out of many), is that of Kate Ryan (RFDS patient transport), who has been deployed three times to fire affected areas.

- Our road crews who, at the request of Ambulance Victoria, have been involved in evacuations across the State. Most recently, many of them have been involved in returning these people to their homes too.

- Aslinda Gale (RFDS patient transport) who helped coordinate the gathering and delivery of expired medical equipment for injured wildlife on Kangaroo Island.

- Kellie Johnstone (RFDS patient transport) and her family who faced a new year without Kellie’s husband Brad who, as part of Victoria Police, was helping coordinate the protection of the town of Cann River. Brad and his team did a remarkable job under trying circumstances, with no power, limited phone service and low supplies. 

These stories are just some of the examples of our staff exemplifying their commitment to Victorian communities. We wholeheartedly thank everyone who has been a part of the response and continuing recovery effort.