National Standards update

Date published

07 Feb 2020

RFDS Victoria’s voluntary participation in the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (National Standards) compliance assessment is fast approaching, with the auditing process commencing in late February 2020.

The organisation is proactively working towards the audit date, using the opportunity to review and refine processes, procedures and resources. A central resource hub has been set up, as well as regular internal communications to communicate audit-related updates.

RFDS Victoria Chief Executive, Scott Chapman, says that the National Standards is a commitment to ensuring that all services are delivered at the level expected by the public.

“RFDS Victoria  aims to provide the highest quality of care. We see our involvement in the National Standards as an extension of this; publicly recognising the standard of quality that we expect throughout the organisation, while also being a way to foster continual improvement.”   

“As a well-regarded charity with a rich history, we also see the National Standards as a way of continuing this sentiment by equipping clients and the general public with a sense of confidence in what we do.”