Memory Lane

Graphic: Memory Lane

More than $200,000 raised in 12 hours for Flying Doctor Memory Lane

Date published

26 Feb 2021

On Thursday 25 February, RFDS Victoria ran a lightning-fast fundraising campaign to support the launch of its brand new service, Flying Doctor Memory Lane.

Memory Lane is a no-cost service that will support patients in end of life care to visit a place that holds meaning for them. The service is entirely donor-funded and staffed by medically trained health care professionals who volunteer their time.

Over 12 hours, from 8am to 8pm, all donations made to the service were matched by generous partners to have double the impact, meaning a donation of $100 became $200.

Our goal was to raise $160,000, but when the Matched Giving Day officially ended at 8pm, we had raised more than $200,000. Donation have continued to flow in through our donation page, and at time of writing, we sit at $201,816.

As generous supporter Dawn Williams noted during the appeal, “The difference [this service] makes will not earn a cent or make a profit, neither does it medically improve the health of the patient, but it's clear how much these actions have enormous value for both the individual and their families.”

To everyone who supported Memory Lane during the Matched Giving Day, we offer our heartfelt thanks. We look forward to sharing more updates on this new service in the coming months.

To find out more about how this service can have a very real impact on patients and their families, watch the video below.